Big Sur Jade Earrings by Matthew Glasby

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matt 821.JPG

Big Sur Jade Earrings by Matthew Glasby

from 160.00

Over many years Matthew Glasby has become a leading carver of Big Sur Jade jewelry. From intricately carved pendants to incredibly thin, light earrings, he transforms our favorite local mineral into true works of art. His inspirations for jade motifs include the natural beauty of the California coast as well as the melting pot of cultures that reside there. Please contact the store for additional styles.

Styles are listed in drop-down menu clockwise from left. 
Oval Shape - Big Sur Jade - 1 1/2" tall, 7/8" wide - $170.00
Kite Shape - Big Sur Jade -1 1/4" high by 13/16" wide. -  $160.00
Disc Shape - Big Sur Jade - 1 1/8” inches round - $160.00

Contact the store for current jade pendant selection. 

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