Foggy Coast, Big Sur


Foggy Coast, Big Sur

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Foggy Coast, Big Sur by Caitlin Reclusado

Available in two sizes
5X7 image in 8X10 Matte
8X12 image in 11X14 Matte

Signed and numbered, limited edition of 50 in each size

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Caitlin started her journey as a photographer at the ripe-old age of three, armed only with a scandalously neon-orange 110mm camera.  The photographs at the time were nothing too memorable, but she fell in love with teh ability to capture one's view of the world.

When the time came for college, she went to Brooks Institute, where she fell in love with light and honed her craft.  After three straight years, she graduated in 2008 with a Bachelor of Arts in Commercial Photography.

She currently splits her time between Salinas and Big Sur, California; exploring the wilderness.