Dinner at Nepenthe


Dinner at Nepenthe


Dinner at Nepenthe by Rich Owens

Family photographer Rich Owens captures an incredible image of the Nepenthe patio at sunset.

Rich holds a PhD in Cultural Anthropology and has traveled extensively in Asia, specifically Vietnam and Thailand, for the past twenty years.
His photography reflects deep seeing, a love of place, and a unique ability to capture the most sublime and fleeting moments.

This 8" X 12" image is printed on  11" X 14" acid-free fiber paper and is a limited edition of 150. 

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Richard Owens, Ph.D. has been interested in photography from a young age when he was given a Kodak camera to capture a trip to the San Francisco Zoo.  He grew up in Pacific Grove and spent three day weekends at Nepenthe in Big Sur, CA. After graduating high school he left to attend college and explore the world.  His background in zoology and ecological anthropology influence his photography.  In 2016, while living in Bangkok, he bought a digital camera and began taking photography seriously.  The busy exotic city provided a good opportunity to practice and hone his photography skills.  “I strive to balance light and symmetry together with humanity and culture.” He is part of the “Bangkok Photography Rambles” and now resides in Monterey County.